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"Neon moon Bedroom Party the DJ with the Neon lights "

Natalia Moon  is an international DJ from Australia. Her alter ego is Neon Moon as she wears neon paint DJing in the dark, Her vibrant energy and neon lights, bring the good vibes of house and EDM music.


She is known for her 'Neon Moon Bedroom Parties' on social media and she holds the World champion DJ title 'Queen of the Mashups 201 8,  she has also ranked in the DJ Polls #25 FDJ and voted # 2 Sexiest DJ for EDMROID 2018 .

The Curvaceous Petite 'Moon' primarily plays Electronic Music based in United Sates. Traveling Internationally for Festivals, Clubs and Events while capturing Her audience with live vocals.

Moon has performed for companies like Samsung, bench, Lexus just to name a few and has toured Asia 3 times. Moon is based

"I love creating music to make people happy"